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Athletes easily log daily wellness, RPE and injury reports.


Coaches access analytics to customize training programs.


See tangible results in athlete readiness & success rates.

Bridging the Gap with Playerpulse

Athletes communicate their subjective experiences, such as fatigue levels, mood, and overall sense of health to proactively avert major injuries.

Team availability

Provides real-time updates on athlete readiness, ensuring coaches can make informed decisions about training schedules and match-day lineups.

Injury Reporting

Facilitates immediate and accurate injury logging by athletes, allowing for swift intervention, treatment planning, and reduced recovery

RPE & Traning Load

Captures athletes' Rated Perceived Exertion (RPE) and integrates it with training data to manage workload, prevent overtraining, and optimize fitness and recovery.

Development & Testing

Allows for regular athletic testing to set benchmarks, track progress, and identify areas for improvement, ensuring athletes are progressing towards their performance goals.

Player Readiness

Empowers athletes to report daily wellness, including mental state and physical health, enabling coaches to tailor training for optimal well-being and performance.


Enables coaches to conduct detailed evaluations of athletes' performance, fostering continuous improvement and personalized development plans.

Events & Notifications

Organize team events and send notifications to keep everyone informed and engaged, from practice schedules to meeting reminders.

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